International Association of Educators   |  ISSN: 1308-951X

Volume 7 Issue 1 (March 2016)

Original Articles

Teacher Education and Professional Development Programs in Pakistan

Illahi Bux Gopang

pp. 1 - 14


Teacher education focuses on the professional and personal development of teachers‟ abilities and communication skills. These abilities and skills make teachers capable enough to perform their duties effectively. Recent insights into teacher education in Pakistan has contributed a lot and increased awareness among teachers as researchers and practitioners. For this study, Data were collected using questionnaire with close and open ended items. A questionnaire was developed keeping in view of previous studies on teacher education. This study ventures to explore theoretical framework of pedagogy of teacher education. It is suggested that teacher education is basically teacher development that is conceptualized as ongoing process of leaning practical skills and reflecting on them. The findings of this study indicate that teachers have positive attitude towards trainings and professional programs which are run to enhance the capacity building.

Keywords: Teacher education, Pakistani teachers, long term and short term trainings, pedagogical implications.

Investigation of Pre-Service Turkish Language Teachers’ Levels of Perception of Values Presented in Resource Works of Turkish

Perihan Gülce Özkaya & Mustafa Volkan Coşkun

pp. 15 - 27


The first Turkish manuscript where the name of Turk is mentioned is Orkhon Inscriptions and the first great work of Islam Turkish literature is Kutadgu Bilig. These works serve as a resource of Turkish language and are of great importance for Turkish culture and civilization. These works can be defined as the corner stones of our literature and history as they reflect Turkish culture, history and the linguistic and societal characteristics of the period when they were written. The purpose of the current study is to determine the pre-service Turkish language teachers’ levels of perception of the values included in Orkhon Inscriptions and Kutadgu Bilig serving as resource works of Turkish language and to draw attention to the fact that these works can contribute to not only the vocabulary repertoire of the students but also to their training about national and universal values. The study group of the current research is comprised of 94 first and fourth year students from the Department of Turkish Language Teaching at the Education Faculty of Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University in 2014-2015 academic year. The sections thought to be suitable for value transfer were selected from Orkhon Inscriptions and Kutadgu Bilig by the researchers with the help of expert opinions. Then the pre-service teachers were asked to analyze the selected sections and detect the values presented in these sections. The collected data were subjected to statistical analyses. In light of the findings of the study, some suggestions were made. 

Keywords: Values education, Orkhon Inscriptions, Kutadgu Bilig, Pre-service Turkish language teachers.

The New Reading Types Occurring As a Result of Changing Youth Cultures

Hikmet Asutay, Oktay Atik, Meryem Demir, Semra Öğretmen & Harun Göçerler

pp. 28 - 39


The youth is the greatest target of changing technological conditions and new Medias. So, whilst the youth cultures change in accordance with these developments, the reading cultures of the youth are influenced and reading techniques and cultures change as well. The most wide-spread reading type, which can be exemplified for the recently occurring reading types, may be „‟the screen age‟‟. The youth of the screen age fulfill screen literacy by means of some technological devices such as cell phones, tablet Pcs and computers; they can also use these devices intensively during the courses and keep the remarkable amount of the course materials in these devices by saving them. In this study, starting from the researches of Turkish-German youth‟s literature science, it will be evaluated what the recently occurring reading and text types are and it will be put forward to discussion how often the literary texts are read. The starting point in these arguments is the evaluation of the various research data altogether which has been collected in the context of Turkish-German youth‟s literature. Besides, as the research subject is under the coverage of the youth‟s literature again, some sample texts of the youth‟s literature will be mentioned as well. 

Keywords: The Youth‟s Literature, Reading Types, New Media, Turkish-German Literature.

Management of Modern Fitness (Comparison of Germany - Turkey)

Necati Cerrahoğlu

pp. 40 - 55


Fitness has shown great progress in the last 20 years world-wide by offering a new sportive life and life style. Besides the expectations having an aesthetic body, being attractive and imposing, to have more healthy life, the costs are paid. In fitness Germany is in position to be a role model. Academic structure, congress organization especially for fitness, fitness journals, accreditation and supervision system for fitness centers and also great interest of the public into the sport serve as model. The sector, in which graduates are employed in higher amounts, is fitness. In Turkey the masses show great interest in fitness. The independent federation could not be reached yet and there is supervision problem to control the existing fitness centers. In fitness which is dependent to Ministry of Youth and Sports, authorization discussions are going on. There are serious problems in the competence of trainers working in centers and urgent need of changes in the legal legislation. 

Keywords: Fitness, Fitness Management, Employment.