International Association of Educators   |  ISSN: 1308-951X

Volume 15 Issue 2 (June 2024)

Issue Information

Issue Information

pp. i - vi   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijrte.2024



Original Articles

Predicting Students' Ecological Footprint Awareness Using Sustainability Awareness 

Munise Seckin Kapucu, Ahmet Aypay & Burcu Uysal Atalay

pp. 1 - 18   |  DOI: 10.29329/ijrte.2024.1048.01


Universities are the stepping stones to shift the mindset of future generations towards a greener and cleaner perspective. It is essential for higher education institutions to integrate the topics of sustainability and reduction of ecological footprint into their curricula. The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between university students' sustainable development awareness and ecological footprint awareness and to determine whether the sub-dimensions of sustainable development awareness (economy, society, environment) predict ecological footprint awareness. Correlational research design was used in the study. 262 senior students from different faculties of Eskişehir Osmangazi University participated in the study in the spring semester of the 2022-2023 academic year. Ecological Footprint  Awareness and Sustainable Development Awareness scales were used as data collection tools. University students' sustainable development awareness was found to be related to their ecological footprint awareness. There were also moderate correlations among ecological footprint awareness (energy, legislation, environment, and food) subdimensions.  Finally, these three independent variables together explain approximately 32% of the total variance in ecological footprint.


Keywords: Sustainable development, ecological footprint, higher education/university