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The International Journal of Research in Teacher Education (IJRTE) is a peer-reviewed international journal in teacher education and is the official journal of Educational Research Association, Turkey. As an online-only journal it is devoted to the publication of original, primary research (theoretical and empirical papers) as well as practical applications relating to teacher education. Papers submitted for publication to the IJRTE must not have published, accepted for publication or currently be under consideration for publication elsewhere. However, papers presented at a conference and not published in their entirety in the conference proceedings may be considered for publication after further review in IJRTE. IJRTE publishes articles in English.

ISSN : 1308 - 951X
Publisher : PEN Academic Publishing
Journal Abbreviation: IJRTE

Top Ranked Articles

Teacher Training in Pakistan: Overview of Challenges and their Suggested Solutions

Kmaran Akhtar Siddiqui, Shahid Hussain Mughal

pp. 44-52   |  Number of Views: 117  |  Number of Download: 1723

Volume 12, Issue 3

The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Hope and Life Satisfaction in Preschool Preserves Teacher

Hakan Sarıcam, Ismail Celik & Lütfiye Coskun

pp. 1-11   |  Number of Views: 1220  |  Number of Download: 1630

Volume 6, Issue 1

Speech Act of Refusal among English Language Teaching Students

Mahsa Rezvani, Darya Abdalrahman Ismael & Samet Tok

pp. 1-11   |  Number of Views: 1631  |  Number of Download: 1548

Volume 8, Issue 2

The Changing Perspective of Teaching as a Profession

Eliseo Marpa & Cynthia Trinidad

pp. 25-35   |  Number of Views: 1436  |  Number of Download: 1420

Volume 9, Issue 4

The Effect of Worksheets Developed for the Subject of Chemical Compounds on Student Achievement and Permanent Learning


pp. 42-51   |  Number of Views: 726  |  Number of Download: 1270

Volume 1, Issue 1